WitnessHK Christmas Carols 2014

The WitnessHK family and Kimman Wong, the busker, will once again partner up this year to bring some true Christmas spirit to the streets of Causeway Bay. We will be singing a range of jolly Christmas songs and sharing the real meaning of Christmas! Spot us and join us on the day!!
WitnessHK團隊和街頭表演者Kimman Wong今年再次聯手把真正的聖誕精神帶到銅鑼灣的街道上。我們會唱一系列歡欣的聖誕歌以及分享聖誕的真正意義!我們邀請您當天來和我們一同高歌!

Kimman Wong

Kimman – Busking for the Redeeming God // 黃劍文 – 為救贖之神街頭演唱

Kimman’s mother committed suicide, and he wanted to end his life. Miraculously he met a woman who was in Stanley for a reason she didn’t understand. The conversation and prayer that followed changed his life forever. Instead of wanting to end his life, he encountered God and was given a new reason to live. Now he sings on the streets to honor the God that redeemed his life. // Kimman的媽媽自殺過身了,他也想了解自己的生命。機緣巧合地,他在赤柱遇上了一位女士。他們的對話和禱告永遠改變了Kimman的生命。他不再想尋死,反而,他經歷了神的大愛,並重新得到了一個生存的理由。現在,他常於街頭以歌聲榮耀那救贖了他的神。

2013-12-14 00.15.17

Merry Christmas // 聖誕快樂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from WitnessHK! WitnessHK祝您聖誕快樂、新年快樂!


The Coolest Job Ever// 最酷的工作

Janice worked on her faith and scored the job of most people’s dreams. Janice增長了她的信仰,得到了大多數人夢寐以求的工作。

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