2015 Justice Conference

Justice Conference 2015

The JUSTICE Conference Asia is a three-day annual event designed to promote and encourage a conversation around the key justice related issues facing our communities in Asia today. Through world class speakers, Asian-based practitioners, humanitarian organizations and NGO’s, the conference brings together a network of passionate justice advocates for a dialogue that hopes to restore beauty where it has been lost within our societies.


Manna Conference 2014

The ICA Manna Ministry brings together this special conference to encourage those who have a heart for the marginalised, the underprivileged and the oppressed to take action and serve and love. This is an annual citywide event that is a…

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Fatherhear​t Ministries (English sessions)

Fatherheart Ministries James & Denise Jordan,  Mark Head and Shireen Siew will be coming to Hong Kong this coming September. They will come to share on the revelation of the Father’s heart and His love for us as His sons…

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天父的心國際事工 (Chinese sessions)

天父的心國際事工的詹姆斯和丹尼斯約旦, Mark Head和Shireen Siew會在今年九月來港。他們將會分享關於天父的心的啟示以及祂對作為祂兒女的我們的愛。想要更多關於此活動的資訊,請瀏覽以下的海報或他們的網頁上(http://www.kingdomroyalty.com/index.php?pageid=520&pageclass=event&lang=zh)。 有關活動全英文部分的日期和其他資料,請點擊這裡。

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Empowered21 Asia Congress 2014 // 「靈力21」亞洲特會 2014

The goal for Empowered21 Asia is to bring together members of Spirit-filled churches from throughout the region to learn, encourage and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and the love of Father God. This year’s focus of the congress…


香港啟發15周年特會 (Alpha 15th Anniversary Conference)

特會目的 “感謝上主清楚地賜下二項不同卻又相關的異象:首先, 要我們倚靠祂更本色化地建構「啟發課程」,支持全球 華人的福音運動。 其次,體貼「耶穌看着他,就愛他。」(可10:21)的心意, 祈盼激勵同工及信徒,燃點福音愛火,去得著這電子網絡 世界成長的新世代,讓教會能承先啟後,持續發展。 誠意邀請您與我們一同頌讚上主帶領十五年的厚恩,並 裝備,切實回應上主的托負。 ” 為誰而設?    教牧同工、信徒領袖、職場信徒領袖及願意傳福音人士。 想知道關於此特會的詳情,請瀏覽: http://www.alpha.org.hk/conference/index.htm **This is a Cantonese/Mandarin only event

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