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I’m Glad I’m Single Until Now // 慶幸我單身至今

Wendy was weathering a typhoon in the Philippines with two girlfriends when she wrote the following post reflecting on her gratitude towards being single until now.


What are you thankful for? // 你為著什麼感恩呢?

What are you thankful for this year? 你今年為著什麼感恩呢?                        

Jesus Holiday Card

Holiday Card to Jesus // 給耶和華的聖誕卡

Dear Jesus, Season’s greetings! Merry Christmas! Or actually, I should say, Happy Birthday! In this busiest time of the year, as we’re off fretting with holiday shopping, family visits and office parties, I wanted to shoot you this quick message…


Simple Action, Extraordinary Love // 簡單的行動,不簡單的愛

823後,眼見在香港或在菲律賓的空氣中都瀰漫著憤怒和悲傷. Ever since the 8.23 Incident, there has been much anger and sorrow surrounding Hong Kong and the Philippines. 


Until I returned to the “Father’s” side // 直到回到 ‘父親’ 身邊

什麼是愛?我不斷的追求、不斷的失望。What is love? I kept seeking and kept being disappointed…

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