Character + Intelligence // 品德 + 智力

Christine Ma-Lau felt a stirring to turn to a career in education but she wanted to teach the next generation on good character as well as intelligence. So she looked to the best educator and leader – Jesus Christ –…

DSC_7810 (copy) - bird and nest

The Wise Birds // 有智慧的小鳥

If you are where you belong, if you are where God puts you, He will look after you and He will provide.” Queenie shares how God reassured her of His plan for her career through the wise birds in the…


Drinking from God’s Sweetest Streams in the Valleys of Life // 在生命的低谷中暢飲神甜美的溪流

Vincent prayed that God would never have to put him through hardship in order to have faith. Soon after, the work dispute he got caught up in revealed to him some of God’s sweetest acts of mercy and grace in…


Expect the Unexpected // 期待驚喜

Natalie shares how God turned what would otherwise be a worrisome and frantic job search into a fruitful rest and an unexpected opportunity! Natalie 分享神如何把有可能是令人擔憂和瘋狂的求職時期轉化為有益的休息和意外的機會!


從新從心學習在職場活出神的真理 // Relearning How to Live Out the Truth at Work

神的話語給予再次踏入商業社會的Coria嶄新的態度和觀點。 God’s Words gave Coria a new attitude and perspective when she re-entered the working world.


God @ Work | 神@工作

God is omnipresent but feeling His presence in our workplace seems to be harder than anywhere else. Are God and our careers mutually exclusive parts of our lives? Through this new series titled “God @ Work”, we will explore how…


Amenpapa: The Next Step // Amenpapa: 下一步

It has been nearly a year since we first posted Amenpapa founder Salina Yam’s ‘I Was Made To…’ video. Since then, Salina has married and opened up Amenpapa’s first retail shop in Silvercord Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. We check back…

After God's Very Own Heart(2)

After God’s Very Own Heart // 追求神的心意

How can those who are poor in spirit be blessed? Jess shares with us how she let go of her own wants during her job search and decided to chase after God’s very own heart.

Henry & Roger: IWMT Revitalize HK Christian Music // 我們為活化香港基督教音樂而活

Henry & Roger: IWMT Revitalize HK Christian Music // 我們為活化香港基督教音樂而活

Brothers Henry & Roger Chung share their heart for the Hong Kong Christian Music scene.

Stella: I Was Made To Reach The Youth // 我為關懷年青人而活

Stella: I Was Made To Reach The Youth // 我為關懷年青人而活

A passion for youth ignited in Liverpool keeps burning bright in Hong Kong. 一股對青年人的激情在利物浦被點燃並在香港繼續燃燒。

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