The Coolest Job Ever// 最酷的工作

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Janice worked on her faith and scored the job of most people’s dreams.

Whenever I meet someone new and tell them what I do, the most common remark I get is, “You have the coolest job ever!” Now, I’m no rocket scientist nor am I one of those lucky singing and dancing kids on “Glee,” but I am a food writer for a city magazine. So yes, this does mean I get paid to eat in all the finest, newest, hottest, hardest to get into restaurants and bars in one of the most foodiest of cities.

The remark is usually followed by the question, “How did you end up with that job?”

The honest answer? By the grace of God.

A little over a year ago, I moved to Hong Kong with no job, no plans and just two suitcases. I moved into an apartment with my sis and made a bed in a room that’s a quarter the size of my old bedroom in LA (you can check out my video here:

The first few months in Hong Kong, I passively sent out a few emails looking for available editorial and writing positions from a few notable English publications around town but received very lukewarm responses. The little feedback I did receive through coffee shop meetings with a few contacts was not very positive. Most people told me that because I did not have a HKID, did not speak Cantonese very well, did not know many people in Hong Kong and wanted a job in media – one of the most competitive industries in the world in one of the most competitive cities in the world – my chances to employment were slim.

That was a rough time in my life. I knew God had called me to Asia and I knew He would provide for me but it was hard to see to the end of the tunnel when I had given up everything back home to come here only to be jobless and running out of cash in a city that prides itself for its efficient and furious work culture and is not exactly cheap to live in.

That was also an amazing time in my life, though. Because I wasn’t working and had a lot of free time, I was able to explore and enjoy the city, make new friends and, most importantly, grow with God. I would spend hours and hours pouring over the Bible (which you can see in another video I made here:, praying and attending various churches and Christian outings. My faith in God also grew tremendously. It was when I was running on empty when I really grew to love God for who He is, not for just what He could give me.

Three months into my move to Hong Kong, I sent out follow-up emails to the publications that didn’t respond to my first round. One email came back from the publisher of the magazine I currently work with. We met for an interview and I was gainfully employed two weeks later! I later found out that the week I had emailed was the exact time when three employees abruptly resigned. The publisher told me that if I had emailed a week earlier, she probably wouldn’t even have agreed to meet with me because she wouldn’t have any positions for me to fill. Talk about God’s perfect timing!

I joined the publication as the lifestyle editor, happily content that this was all in God’s plan for me, only to find out three months later… that I would be laid off. Due to budgetary reasons, I wasn’t able to stay with the team, my publisher had regretfully told me over a cup of pity coffee one Friday afternoon.

That Friday evening was one of the worst I had ever faced in my life. I drank myself silly and cried into the arms of my beloved cousin and sister (thank you, ladies). I have to admit, I did not handle myself like someone who knew that God would take care of her.

Over that weekend, I snapped out of my silly state and returned to remembering Christ’s sacrifice for us on the cross – how most importantly, I’m saved and that this life may be a difficult one to navigate but it would be one where God has my back. I bathed in remembrance of all the times in my past when God came through for me and restored my faith that He has hands on my future career. Church that Sunday happened to study Daniel 3.  It talked about when you have what you want and need, that’s when you give praise to God but when it seems like you don’t have anything in sight, that’s when you grow your faith in Him. It fit in perfectly with what I was going through. As we headed into worship that day, I kept praying that the Lord would play the song, “Blessed Be Your Name” because it would just be so fitting with the message. And guess what? That song played right as I thought the prayer.

After that Sunday, I started to pray about where God may want to take me in the next stage of my career. I thought going into the food and beverage industry may be good as I’ve always loved eating and the whole familial, communal atmosphere that comes with the territory. I started praying for guidance towards that direction. A week and a half later, the food and drinks writer for the magazine I had just been laid off from resigned and the powers that be decided I would be the best candidate to fill that spot.

I’ve always been an ambitious go-getter when it came to my career – someone who plotted and planned every step of my path. But it wasn’t until I completely surrendered to God that my career successes reached a whole new level of unbelievable fun and unbelievable experiences. I’m not sure where my career and personal life will head to next but I know one thing and that’s if I put my faith in God, He’s going to take me on an incredible ride.

每當我遇到新的朋友,並告訴他們我做的工作時,我最常得到的評語就是:「你有一份最酷的工作!」。留意,我不是一個火箭專家,也不是一個在“吉列合唱團”裡面又唱又跳的幸運小孩,不過我是一份城市雜誌的美食作家。是的,這意味著我被聘請在其中一個被譽為美食天堂的城市裡到最好的、最新的、最灸手可熱的、最難訂位的餐館和酒吧去品嘗美食。  那評語通常都會帶出以下的這個問題:「你是怎麼得到這份工作的?」


在一年多前,我搬到香港,沒有工作,也沒有計畫,只有兩個行李箱。我和我妹妹搬到一間公寓,在一間只有我在美國洛杉磯家裡的睡房四分之一大的房間裡搭了一張床。(你可以在這裡看看我的視頻:  剛到香港的幾個月,我隨意發了幾個電郵到幾間在這城市裡有名的英文出版社找編輯和寫作的職位,但是收到的都是冷淡的答覆。我通過在咖啡廳和幾個熟人會面所得到的反應也不是很樂觀。大部份人告訴我,因為我沒有香港的身份證,廣東話講得不流利,在香港也沒有認識很多人,想找一份在媒體行業的工作,意思就是在一個世界上最具競爭力的城市裡的一個世界上競爭最大的行業找工作- 我就業的機會很渺茫。






經過那個週末,我從我無助的狀態中走出來,重新回想神在十架上為我們犧牲- 最重要的是,我被拯救了。生活可能很難去導航,但是萬事總有主站在我背後。我沐浴在以前所有的日子裡的回憶,記起神怎樣幫我走過每個經歷和重新修復我的信心,祂為我將來的事業安排。那個星期天,教會剛好在講但以理書第三章的道。它講到,當你得到你想要的和需要的時候,就是你讚美神的時候,但是當你好像一無所有的時候,就是你會增強對神信心的時候。它很應景我當時所經歷的。當那天我們要進入到崇拜環節的時候,我一直禱告神會播“禰的名是應當稱頌的”這首歌,因為這歌和當天的信息很相配。你猜怎麼了?正當我在禱告的時候,這首歌就響起來了。


當涉及到我事業的時候,我一直是個很有抱負、志在必得的人 – 我策劃和計劃路徑的每一步。但直到我完全順服神,我事業上的成就才達到一個新層次,充滿著不可思議的有趣和經歷。我不知道我的事業和生活接著會未來變成怎樣,但是我知道一件事,那就是如果我對神有信心,祂會帶領我走上一個奇妙的旅程。

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