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Have you ever heard a whisper from God asking you to speak a word of encouragement to a stranger?  Serene has and this is her story.  你有曾聽過神的細語叫你對陌生人說出鼓勵的話嗎? Serene 有而這就是她的故事。

With tears streaming down my face, I waved goodbye to my BFF and her husband. I’ve spent about 2 and a half months with them in LA and time flew by. We’ve had a ball of a time eating farm-to-table food and reliving the good old days when we were housemates. The time I’ve spent with her and her husband was like a spiritual spa and I was very reluctant to leave to go back to the real world.

As I was boarding, I noticed that the check-in staff assigned me an aisle seat which I am not a big fan of. I prefer window seats where I get to sink into my seat, cuddle up and lean on the window for a good night’s sleep. It was a good 15-hour flight and I needed to be comfortable. So I decided to speak to the boarding staff at the gate so that they could reassign me to a window seat but a feeling stopped me as I was heading towards the boarding counter. It was a strange sensation and I felt that I had to be on the aisle seat for a reason.

Well, it was a pretty uncomfortable flight for me. I was woken up a few times by passengers and the flight attendants who walked passed me. I was getting grumpier by the second but somehow I managed to fall asleep after the lights dimmed and the aisle traffic slowed.

Usually during such long haul flights, I would make small conversations with passengers next to me. This trip, I was in no such mood. However, I felt that I should speak to the lady next to me but I was determined to just wallow in my grumpiness.

When the plane was about to land, I felt the Lord telling me to comfort the lady next to me about her daughter. I was like, “Are you kidding me, Lord? I thought you could read my mind. I’m in no mood to talk to anyone now.” Besides, she might think I’m a weirdo or a con-woman. I struggled with the Lord for a bit and I knew we were running out of time as the plane was preparing to land.

Then I remembered a sermon pastor Steve Chua gave a few weeks ago where he said that Jesus was in perfect communion with the Lord that when the Lord asked Jesus to talk to strangers about their personal lives, Jesus would not hesitate because he knew that His Father would never embarrass Him in public. As I was still struggling, I felt the Lord say “Serene, didn’t you say you would do anything for me? If I can’t trust you with this, how can I give you more?” I felt convicted. By that time, my palms were burning and my hands were shaking.

So I turned to the lady next to me. She seemed to be sleeping. We had not spoken at all during the flight. I knew if I did not speak to her then, I would lose the courage to do so quickly. So I tapped her on her shoulder and quickly mumbled in Cantonese, “Aunty, I feel that you are very worried about your daughter but the Lord wants me to tell you that she will be fine. Pray for her and bring her to church.” I was half expecting a hiss of “Chee-sin” (crazy!) or “Choi!” (something Chinese say to ward off bad luck), but instead, I saw her eyes grew wide and she asked me, “How did you know?” With tears in my eyes, I said “My God told me so”. She then started to tell me her daughter’s story and why she was so worried about her. She also said that her sister in LA had also been praying for her daughter and telling her to bring her daughter to church. I told her I would be back in HK in mid-January and I gave her my number for her to call me if she needed me to bring her daughter to church.

At that moment, I felt tears welling up in my eyes even more. It was such a privilege to be a part of this woman and her daughter’s story. I felt that conversation somehow showed her that there is someone out there who is bigger than all of us and that someone is looking out for her, that He cares, He really does and I was sent as an agent of hope to pass His message of love along. I saw a new glimmer of hope in her eyes as she thanked me and waved goodbye to me.

She hasn’t called me yet but I am sure God is still working in their lives. I am writing this testimony as an encouragement for us to lend a hand or spread a word of hope to those around us, especially when we hear a stirring in our hearts for someone around us. It could touch someone’s life. It could lead them to the Lord.






我忽然想起 Steve Chua 牧師幾個禮拜前的講道,他說耶穌跟神處於完美的共融,每當神叫耶穌跟陌生人談及他們的私人生活,耶穌從來沒有猶豫,因為耶穌知道神永遠不會在公眾場所令他尷尬。當我在掙扎的時候,我感覺神對我說:「 Serene ,你不是說你會為我做任何事嗎?如果你連就這件事也不能相信我,我怎能再給你其他機會呢?」這個信念打動了我。那個時候,我的手心已經開始冒汗、手也在顫抖。




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