The Wise Birds // 有智慧的小鳥

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If you are where you belong, if you are where God puts you, He will look after you and He will provide.” Queenie shares how God reassured her of His plan for her career through the wise birds in the safari. 

Recently, I went on a safari trip in Africa.  I had been very busy at work just before the trip, and I looked forward to spending some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  I was especially keen to see how God would speak to me.  I believed that He would refresh me during my holiday.

During my trip, one of the things that struck me was how small and fragile some animals are, yet God equips those animals to survive.  I saw a tree with many bird’s nests on one side of the tree but none on the other sides of the tree.  I asked our guide why that was.  He told me that the birds knew that it was too windy on the other sides of the tree, so they all picked the non-windy side.

Then the guide asked me, did I know why the nests were all built at the ends of the tree branches rather than near the tree trunk?  I had no idea.  He told me that it was to make it difficult for snakes to come and steal eggs.  If the nests are at the ends of branches, it is much more difficult for snakes to get to the eggs without the branches flailing around from the snake’s weight as it moves towards the ends of the branches.

It made me realise: if you are where you belong, if you are where God puts you, He will look after you and He will provide.  These fragile little birds can somehow survive with the wisdom that God gives them.  By contrast, I might be quite comfortable going about my daily work (which those birds can’t do!), but if you put me on an African plain without the protection of a nice, safe Jeep, I am pretty sure I would not last more than half an hour before a lion or cheetah or leopard comes and eats me up!

Perhaps inevitably, there are times when I doubt myself and my abilities at work.  This reminder from God during my safari trip really encouraged me.  If we are doing what God made us to do, if we are where He puts us, what could be better than that?

As for how I know that I am doing what God made me to do – that is a whole other testimony in itself.  For now, let me simply say that I will remind myself to remember.  To remember that He is the one who put me in my present workplace.  To remember the miraculous way in which He opened doors and allowed me to come here.  To remember that this is what He intends for me to be doing – at least until He shows me otherwise.





或許無可避免的是,有時候 我會懷疑自己和我的工作能力。在野生動物園之旅中,神給予我的提示大大地鼓勵了我。如果我們正在做神要我們所做的、如果我們正處於祂所賜予的位置,這已不是最好嗎?

我怎麼知道我正在做神希望我做的事情 ?這個問題會是另外一個獨立的見證。讓我在此用三言兩語解釋一下,我會提醒自己去記得,記得是祂把我帶領到現在的工作崗位;記得祂如何奇妙地為我打開機會之門,讓我來到這裡;記得我現在所做的工作就是祂想我做的,直到我收到祂的另行通知為止。

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