Bike Trip // 單車之旅

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A bicycling adventure in Hainan reveals God’s guidance and provision during unexpected challenges.

Introduction- Lolly

Hello! Over the course of Chinese New Year, a few of us went to Hai Nan to do a bike-athon, going from Haikao to Sanya. It was our aim to raise money for the V2Cproject. Initially we estimated a total of 320km of cycling to be spread over five days, but in truth we completed 379kms in four days. It was a truly amazing trip filled with adventure, surprise and God’s unfailing hand. Let me introduce team, We are Lolly, Sharon, Shiron, Hillman and Terence.


There’s no other way to put it, except that God really has been providing abundantly even before the trip. Our flights were sponsored, so was the insurance that covered the entire team. Whilst on the road, we knew we’d have had to find accommodation as we go, because all the hotels have been booked up due to the holiday season. Though reassured by our tour guide- Robert that we’d have lodging, it was still amazing to find out that we had a place to stay every night and the quality of the hotels kept on getting better whilst the price kept on getting slimmer. It was comforting to know that God is our shepherd and that He provides for us.

First day

This first day is not one that is likely to be forgotten any time soon. Despite a shaky start, we made headway towards our first rendezvous. However it wasn’t until past sunset that we were informed that we’ve been travelling in the wrong direction and was currently stranded in the middle of nowhere. After a few rather terrifying kilometers backtracking in the dark we stumbled across a storm drain that somehow took us onto the highway, where we braved another 15km to finally reach our destination, 4 hours late… Rushing to the nearest restaurant we settled down for our well-deserved grub only to find that Jesus was literally lighting our way ( for the food at least). I guess God answers prayers after all, just wasn’t expecting it so literally.


Over the course of the next two days, we tackled all kinds of terrain from highways, to mudslides down the side of a mountain, from the deathtrap that is cycling amongst the cars in the city to lonely misted roads without anyone else in sight. We also met a good many of the locals, some were restless but mostly they stared at us with astonishment and obvious curiosity. Sometimes they were kind enough to invite us in for dinner or a snack, and it was through these moments where we snapped these amazing shots! We need to take this opportunity to thank our guides- Rober and Ar Wei, who sadly can only be here in spirit today. Our friendships blossomed during this time of hardship and trials, and it was only through these challenges that our team spirit manifested as physical support, gasping encouragements and what not.

Last day

On the last day of the ride, Shiron dismounted her bike in a rather spectacular fashion- whilst travelling at 20kms/hr and having her front tire collide with the rear of Sharon’s bike. However despite the injuries sustained she pushed ahead and climbed a further 2 mountains before succumbing to the weariness and fatigue outside a grocery store. It was at this point when a decision was made, that Shiron accompanied by Lolly would hitch a ride with one of our guides to the finish point, being unable to finish the remaining leg of the bike-a-thon, whilst Sharon, Hillman and Terence would carry on with lightened bikes. At this point, the owner of the shop very kindly offered to make us lunch, this gave us an opportunity to pray for her and her household. We trust that God will do the rest with that regards. We also chalked it up to God’s provision when Lolly and Shiron was able to hitch a ride to Sanya free of charge, whilst being quoted 1500 RMB a mere 15minutes beforehand. As Lolly and Shiron shot towards the finish line, the surviving members of the team raced on ahead to complete the final leg of the trip. Travelling a total of 118km that day, Sharon, Hillman and myself finally arrived at the final hotel at 9:32pm. A further inspection showed that all the energy bars have been eaten and all the water gone as well, just as well! That evening we found ourselves seated at the street corner eagerly awaiting the BBQ dinner to be served, when it finally arrived we attacked it without hesitation leaving quite a carnage on the table afterwards.


In total, we raised over $180K towards the V2C project. Although it is but a small portion towards the grand total needed, I hope that you would be encouraged by this epic adventure where God’s faithfulness and provisions were so staggeringly obvious.



















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