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Walking With Faith // 與信仰同行

From walking on rocky roads to walking in faith was His amazing plan. 從走在崎嶇的道路到走在信仰的道路是祂美妙的安排。


Brothers // 兄弟 [Re-post // 重登]

由弟弟出生那天開始,我跟他仿佛結下了不解之怨.  A seed of resentment seems to have been planted between us.


More than Just Great Basketball // 不單單是厲害的籃球球技

God can use many things to encourage us – even the NBA. 神可以用很多事情來鼓勵我們 - 甚至是美國職籃。


Journey of Learning: Lesson #3 // 一個旅程的學習 (第三課)

我會繼續等待下一站,神帶領的愛的下一站。 I will wait for the next stop, where His Love leads me.

WitnessTO Cover Photo check

Announcing! // WitnessTO.com隆重推出!

Have friends in Toronto? Announcing! 有朋友身處多倫多嗎?WitnessTO.com隆重推出!


A Journey of Learning: Lesson #2 // 一個旅程的學習(第二課)

祂的愛是無限無底線,我們要幾多,祂總會比更多!God’s love is without limits and boundaries. He always gives us more than we need!

Small Joy

Little Joys, Big Blessing // 小小的快樂,大大的祝福

I am so happy today.  At first, it seems like it’s all because of little “insignificant” things.  我今天非常快樂!最初,快樂好像是來自於生活上的“瑣碎”小事。


Faith Reaction // 信仰反應 [Reblogged from]

Editor Miranda shares about how she came to terms with faith, what it truly means to her, and how big a role it played in her life right from the start. WitnessSF 編輯 Miranda分享她如何跟信仰妥協、信實對她的意義以及信實如何從她生命一開始便扮演著重要的角色。 I’m sure we’ve all heard it said that…

Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayers//禱告的力量

Recently, I have been going through a really tough time in my life.  It’s a trial that I was not prepared for and one that at times has really been very debilitating.  It has challenged me physically, mentally and spiritually.…

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