Mustard Seed // 芥菜種

Have you ever prayed for someone else to be healed? 你有為人家的身體醫治禱告過嗎?


I Am Healed // 我被治癒了

我們常常問神為什麼祂允許我們經歷那麼多傷痛和試煉。祂當然是愛我們的,不是嗎?So often we ask God why He has allowed us to go through pains and trials? 


Simple Faith is Only a Cab Ride Away//信心就是一程路 [Re-post // 重登]

God moments can happen in the most simple situations.  我們是可以在最簡單的情況下與神溝通的。


The Battle // 爭戰

Do you feel like you struggle with the same thing over and over? 你有否覺得自己為同一件事情不斷地掙扎﹖ 

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Pay It Forward // 把愛傳出去

Little things can remind us of God’s blessings. 小小的東西也可以提醒我們主的祝福。


Higher Ways // 更高的旨意

The corporate world has its ups and downs. Read how God carried our editor Paul through one of his biggest down moments. 起起跌跌是企業世界的常情。這篇見証分享神如何帶領WitnessHK編輯Paul走過他人生的一個低谷。

Zicht op Rhijnauwen

His Promise Turned to Reality // 祂的承諾變成了事實

In Joshua 1:6, “Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land…” 約書亞記1:6:“你當剛強壯膽!因為你必使這百姓承受那地為業⋯⋯“


Bike Trip // 單車之旅

A bicycling adventure in Hainan reveals God’s guidance and provision during unexpected challenges. 到海南單車環島行,從未料到的考驗中看到神的帶領和供應。

God's Perfect Plan

God’s Perfect Plan // 主的完美計劃

I confess.  I am a plan-oholic.  I love planning and I even make plans to plan.   我招供。我是一個計劃狂。我愛計劃,我甚至計劃去計劃。

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