From Curses to Blessings // 化咒詛為祝福

化咒詛為祝福 — 菲律賓人質事件後感 //  From Curses to Blessings – Reflection Upon the Philippines Hostage Incident 


A Relationship with Him // 和祂的關係

若我只是去服事祂,而沒有溝通,只是老闆和下屬的關係。If I just serve Him but do not communicate, this is a relationship between a master and a servant.  


From Hong Kong to the Philippines // 從香港到菲律賓

從香港到菲律賓 – 體驗兩地和兩代的愛 / From Hong Kong to the Philippines – Experiencing the love between two places and two generations


Smiles Like Drops of Living Water

Our newest Voice Johanna shares about a recent missions trip to Singapore, and how God can work through love in the darkest of places.

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