His Promise Turned to Reality // 祂的承諾變成了事實

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In Joshua 1:6, “Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land…”


“Hey. Which faculty are you studying in?”

“PolyU Hotel Management.”
“Wow! You’re great!”

The above conversation has happened frequently over the last two months, since the release of JUPAS results. I am so thankful for this.

It’s been a long story. A testimony that I’ve been longing to share for more than 1 year.

I’ll be 20 on my coming birthday. I was a student sitting for the 2010 AL exam.

I remember the day I decided to start revisions for AL with my good friend after school when I received a call from my sister – with bad news about my dad. He was sent to hospital due to his bad health and the situation seemed serious. I rushed to the hospital and all my revision plans and schedule were ruined.

Two days later, my dad passed away. It was a real shock.
I remember I did often pray, “Don’t take my dad away before my exam”. But things still happened. It took me at least one month to recover.

But God is really interesting and special.
Besides words of comfort, He gave me a promise during a prayer meeting.

“You will enter university.”

At that time, it seemed an impossibility to me. I had collapsed during the most important period for an AL applicant and my revision schedule was falling far behind others.

Then another shock incident happened in March. It’s may be hard to imagine how much worse things could get… but to an emotional person like me, it was really hard to do revisions at that time.

However, God did tell me His promise twice.
In spite of His promise, there were fears inside my heart. I could tell people about the promise but right after, I confessed words of impossibility and hopelessness. I was actually doubting whether I heard God’s voice correctly or if the promise was real. Tears and disappointment were constant throughout the revision and examination period. I cried while doing revision of Chinese History and before going to take the paper.

After facing the circumstances and denying the promise I received, the results were released in June. I got 1B and 1C in language subjects, but 2F in AL subjects and U in Chinese History.

It really did become impossible to enter university. So I decided to retake the AL exam. I thought and thought again what the main reason of failing was.

Then God led me to read Joshua.

In Joshua 1:6, “Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land…”

1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Before Joshua, there were spies sent to look over the promised land and report the circumstances. The promised land was an impossibility in their eyes because they focus on the difficulties getting the land instead of the promise from God. Just the same as me.

Therefore I realized the problem was the lack of faith.

So I learned to have faith, learned to trust in God, learned to focus on promises not circumstances. Actually some told me it was impossible to enter any university if you retake AL. Some told me it was really hard to have a higher grade if you retake.

But every time I heard of impossibilities, God told me three words.
Not “I love you” haha, but “trust in me”. I responded and chose to trust in the promise I had.

In June 2011, the second release of result came. I got ABCDE in my combined cert. (A in AS Chinese History… it’s really crazy.) But I only got 10.2 in the PolyU score and the average score required for Hotel Management is 12.0. That means a difference of 1.8.

That was a really a big gap. You’ll know if you have ever joined the JUPAS system. And I began to hear “impossibilities” again. Some said it was too risky to put this faculty as one of my choices, some said it was impossible to enter it, some said if you put it you would receive no offer then.

I prayed and chose again. I put PolyU Hotel Management in my A1 choice.

And the final result came in July… “A1 – PolyU Hotel Management”!!!!

Wow! Loss of words, wonder, thanksgiving, touched… HIS PROMISE TURNED INTO REALITY! With my dream school and dream faculty!

It’s really a great lesson for me…
It’s not about what abilities I have, but what His promise is.
It’s not about how much faith I have, but how I choose each time.
It’s not about the circumstances, but where your passion is.

I receive my promised land.
How faithful the one I love is!



從聯招結果(JUPAS) 公報後,以上的對話在過往的兩個月時常發生。為此,我很感恩。








在三月,我再一次經歷了令我震驚的事。也許大家很難想像有甚麼更壞的事情能發生在我的身上⋯⋯ 對一位情緒波動的人而言,當時更本很難去收拾心情溫習。

縱使我得到了祂的承諾,我心裡還是存有恐懼。我會把這承諾告訴別人,但是我總是用沒可能和絕望的字眼做結尾。我甚至懷疑自己有否聽錯了主的聲音,也懷疑到底那承諾是否真實。在溫習和考試的這段時間裡,眼淚和失望沒有離開過我。 當我在溫習中國歷史以及進去考場考這一課前的一刻,我都在哭。













“第一選擇 - 理大酒店管理系”!!!!






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