My First Prayer // 第一次禱告

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“When you have an open heart and God wants to use you, He can do absolutely anything, and it’s incredible if you take a little time to stop, look and listen for His work happening on a daily basis all around us.”

I came to Christ on October 5th, 2012 and on the eve of the next day I was invited to dinner with a bunch of people including the person who helped me receive Jesus. At the end of that night, people were praying for someone from Thailand and she asked me to pray for him; I told her I have no idea how to pray and it’s ridiculous to think that I, having accepted Jesus the night before, could “pray” for someone random who I had never met before.

She said to me “It’s okay just come and lay your hand on him”, so I thought, “heck, okay why not.” I placed my hand on his shoulder and remembered thinking “just shut up, be quiet and let these people do their thing”. As soon as I placed my hand on his shoulder I felt the urge to say something, but kept thinking to myself, “keep your mouth shut. You don’t know what you’re doing”… It got to a point where I couldn’t help but say something, so I said something…

To this day I did not remember what I said – and all I remembered was when I left, I shared the lift down to the lobby with this guy. Having never spoken to him once during the whole night, he turned to me and said, “Thank you for your prayers, they were so powerful and so meaningful – thank you.” I replied, “You’re welcome,” while thinking I don’t even remember what on earth I had even said…

I’ve shared this story many times, always wondering what I had said but not ever remembering what it was about. Recently, the guy from Thailand told me that he actually recorded the prayer and emailed me the transcript!

It read: “Father just wants you to open your heart to Him and speak to Him … just find a quiet place, feel the power of the Lord working in your life, be open to anything and everything. Ask questions from your heart and all your questions will be answered.”

Reading this transcript eight months later, I’m still dumbfounded and bewildered… How can a new Christian who has never said a prayer in his life come up with something like that, that  ”really spoke” to a random guy he had never even met before?

I can honestly say when you have an open heart and God wants to use you, He can do absolutely anything. It’s incredible if you take a little time to stop, look and listen for His work happening on a daily basis all around us. This random guy is now a dear brother and friend of mine and I thank God for some of the most unexplainable, coincidental and unreal experiences that have happened over the last 8 months.

Stay low, go slow and stop for the one. Go and be a blessing.






八個月後看著這份禱告辭,我依然覺得很驚訝和困惑。。。一個從未禱告過的初信基督徒怎麽可以想到這些話 – 這些對一個素未謀面的陌生人有著意義的話呢?



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