Nicole Tanner: “A Daughter of the King” // Nicole Tanner: “帝皇的女兒”

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Nicole Tanner grew up in a loving home with her mom and stepfather. She never thought that her father leaving her as a baby left an impression on her until one year, God revealed to her the hole that was in her heart.


Nicole Tanner生長於一個充滿她媽媽和後父的愛的家。她從來沒想過生父在她還是嬰孩時的離去對她有任何影響,直至有一年,神向她揭示了她心底裡的那個空洞。


“He showed me that I was a perfectionist because I always wanted my dad to love me and be proud of me and I always felt this burden that I always felt like the reason he left me was because I wasn’t good enough. ”


” 祂讓我看見我是一個完美主義者以我為榮我一直感受到這個重擔
而且我感受到他離開我的原因是因爲我不夠好 “


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