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Coincidence, God’s plan or just one big lie?  Our brother Chung shares his witness of his stepmother’s journey through a series of mistaken diagnoses.

I don’t remember when it actually happened, but one day, I had an extra mother.

Although I called her “big sis,” she is actually my stepmother.

We would eat together, shop together and watch movies together.  We even went to Christian conferences together.  However, she never believed in God, and faith was rarely a topic we would bring up.

In her eyes, life is made of every drop of sweat from your labor and choices.  There is no such thing as destiny or blessings.  In fact, what appalled her the most was asking God to protect and provide.  If you have done enough preparation, making sure that things go well, why would there be a need to ask for guidance from above?  To her, asking God to guide us is more or less an excuse we use to support our own choices.

She occasionally visited the Chinese doctor for health maintenance, but one day, she received a bad news…

  • The first lab result suspected that she had cancer.
  • The second lab results believed that she had cancer.
  • The MRI results indicated that she had a black spot in her body.
  • Four authoritative lab technologists confirmed that her body had a 3cm long tumor.

There was no warning, so no preparation could have been done.

Within a second, her world turned upside down.  Peace, joy and hope left her without notice, and what remained was a fear of losing control.

Two days after the results, she checked in to the hospital to prepare for surgery to remove her tumor.  This was a preparation that was completely outside of her original plans.

I brought the cross handmade by my mother to the hospital to bring blessings to my stepmother.

Seeing her frown, I felt sadness and worried and a fear that was suppressed deep in her heart.

When man is disabled, God is enabled.

My younger brother and I held hands with my father and my stepmother, praying in unity…

The evening after the surgery, she lay on the bed completely drained.  She worriedly told me about the checkups, the radiotherapy and all the treatments that would follow, in an attempt to predict a future she could not control.  All the comforting seemed to be no more than an expired painkiller.

At that moment, the doctor and nurse came.  Apart from checking her condition, they also brought another piece of news…

After the surgery, the doctor followed the standard procedure to send the tumor for lab testing.  If the tumor was malignant, another surgery on the lymph area would be needed.

To our surprise, the lab result indicated that the tumor was benign and did not contain any trace of cancer cells.  In other words, after the surgery, she was completely healed!

Is this a coincidence?

The first lab test was wrong, the second lab test was also wrong, the MRI was wrong, the four lab technologists and a doctor all made the wrong diagnosis…

But, I believe that God did not get it wrong!

After that, she asked me to thank all the brothers and sisters who had prayed for her.  Although she did not know them, she was still very grateful for their prayers.

The most pleasant surprise was that, while she was hospitalized, she also prayed to God and said, “If everyone is praying for me, there is no reason why I shouldn’t join in!”

Some would say that everything I had witnessed was merely a coincidence, that there is no such thing as God’s plan.  If that is really the case though, I would rather believe that everything I know is a lie.

God, I’m speechless…






  • 第一次的化驗,懷疑她患上癌症。
  • 第二次的化驗,相信她已患上癌症。
  • 磁力共振報告指出,她體內有一顆黑點。
  • 四位權位化驗師證實,她身體內有一個長達3厘米的腫瘤。



















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