香港啟發15周年特會 (Alpha 15th Anniversary Conference)

特會目的 “感謝上主清楚地賜下二項不同卻又相關的異象:首先, 要我們倚靠祂更本色化地建構「啟發課程」,支持全球 華人的福音運動。 其次,體貼「耶穌看着他,就愛他。」(可10:21)的心意, 祈盼激勵同工及信徒,燃點福音愛火,去得著這電子網絡 世界成長的新世代,讓教會能承先啟後,持續發展。 誠意邀請您與我們一同頌讚上主帶領十五年的厚恩,並 裝備,切實回應上主的托負。 ” 為誰而設?    教牧同工、信徒領袖、職場信徒領袖及願意傳福音人士。 想知道關於此特會的詳情,請瀏覽: http://www.alpha.org.hk/conference/index.htm **This is a Cantonese/Mandarin only event

Sunset Pier

The True Cost of Love // 愛的真正代價

How much of yourself are you willing to give in exchange for attention from the opposite sex? Our dear sister Ada* found out that it was too much of the wrong thing – even costing a life. But she also…


My First Prayer // 第一次禱告

“When you have an open heart and God wants to use you, He can do absolutely anything, and it’s incredible if you take a little time to stop, look and listen for His work happening on a daily basis all…


Quitting a “Best Friend” // 戒掉我“最好的朋友”

Andrew didn’t feel too connected to God, even after he accepted Christ until one day when quitting his “best friend” – cigarettes – turned his world upside down and God answered his cry with His grace and mercy.  雖然Andrew接受了耶穌為救主, 但他一直覺得跟神沒有很親密的關係。直到有一天他戒掉他…


Drinking from God’s Sweetest Streams in the Valleys of Life // 在生命的低谷中暢飲神甜美的溪流

Vincent prayed that God would never have to put him through hardship in order to have faith. Soon after, the work dispute he got caught up in revealed to him some of God’s sweetest acts of mercy and grace in…

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