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The A to Z of Family // 家庭的A到Z

“God does family in a lot of ways and this is the way we’ve been blessed with and we wouldn’t have it any other way.” 「神創造各種各樣的家庭,而我們的家庭就是這樣蒙福被創造的,這對我們來講沒有其他更好的了。」

Piano thomashawk

Hands // 雙手

What unites our hearts as husband and wife beyond our own biological family is God’s family. 除了我們自己的家庭以外,神的家庭也一樣聯繫著我們兩夫妻的心。


Missing Out // 錯過

會否錯過,在乎今天的你。 Whether to miss out or not – it’s your choice today.


Changing Perspective to See God’s Grace // 改變角度去領會神的恩典

Every time when I read other people’s testimonies, I always thought what testimony did I personally have that was worthy of sharing with other people. 每次在讀別人的見證的時候,我都在想說自己有甚麼見證是值得寫給其他人看的。


A Family // 一個家

我只想告訴你關於我的一個家。一個平凡但別人覺得不平凡的一個家;一個得著了才知道得著的一個家 。 Coria shares about her family – an ordinary family that is extraordinary in other people’s eyes.

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