WitnessHK Christmas Carols 2014

The WitnessHK family and Kimman Wong, the busker, will once again partner up this year to bring some true Christmas spirit to the streets of Causeway Bay. We will be singing a range of jolly Christmas songs and sharing the real meaning of Christmas! Spot us and join us on the day!!
WitnessHK團隊和街頭表演者Kimman Wong今年再次聯手把真正的聖誕精神帶到銅鑼灣的街道上。我們會唱一系列歡欣的聖誕歌以及分享聖誕的真正意義!我們邀請您當天來和我們一同高歌!

Jesus Holiday Card

Holiday Card to Jesus // 給耶和華的聖誕卡

Dear Jesus, Season’s greetings! Merry Christmas! Or actually, I should say, Happy Birthday! In this busiest time of the year, as we’re off fretting with holiday shopping, family visits and office parties, I wanted to shoot you this quick message…

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