Good News Healing Conference with Nathan Morris

Join Nathan Morris, the founder of Shake the Nations Organization and an English evangelist known for the Bay Revival for a healing conference from November 27 – November 29. The event is conducted in English and Cantonese and there are…

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Lymphoma: A Journey to Salvation (2) // 淋巴癌:一個救贖的旅程 (下)

Angry and hurt at God, Ammathy Winnie Lui bargained for three things to happen before allowing her mom to pass away. Read on to see how God answered her requests…

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Dream Catcher // 追尋夢想,尋著夢想

As the saying goes, “if you never CHASE your dream, you will never CATCH them.” Stephen shares with us how God gave him the vision and courage to start up a children’s brand called As Little As. Let’s chase after the dream of our hearts that God has pre-destined for us as you partner with Him on the journey!


I Am Healed // 我被治癒了

我們常常問神為什麼祂允許我們經歷那麼多傷痛和試煉。祂當然是愛我們的,不是嗎?So often we ask God why He has allowed us to go through pains and trials? 

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