My First Prayer // 第一次禱告

“When you have an open heart and God wants to use you, He can do absolutely anything, and it’s incredible if you take a little time to stop, look and listen for His work happening on a daily basis all…


A Spiritual Fire Alarm // 心靈的火警警號

A fire alarm interrupts Sharon’s work day, but it turns out to be a different kind of fire. 火警警號打擾了Sharon上班的時間,但原來這是一種另類的火。


Looking Back at a Journey on His Road // 回顧在祂的路上

學習從祂的眼目看,發覺原來可以完全不一樣。 Learning to see from God’s eyes, realizing that everything can be different.


Day and Night in Light Club // 在Light Club的日與夜

我非常感謝主把Light Club(LC) 的弟兄姊妹帶進了我的生命。I can never thank God enough for putting the brothers and sisters of Light Club (LC) in my life. 


Simple Action, Extraordinary Love // 簡單的行動,不簡單的愛

823後,眼見在香港或在菲律賓的空氣中都瀰漫著憤怒和悲傷. Ever since the 8.23 Incident, there has been much anger and sorrow surrounding Hong Kong and the Philippines. 

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