Manna Conference 2014

The ICA Manna Ministry brings together this special conference to encourage those who have a heart for the marginalised, the underprivileged and the oppressed to take action and serve and love. This is an annual citywide event that is a…


I Am Healed // 我被治癒了

我們常常問神為什麼祂允許我們經歷那麼多傷痛和試煉。祂當然是愛我們的,不是嗎?So often we ask God why He has allowed us to go through pains and trials? 


A Daughter’s Eyes Made Clear // 女兒的眼睛終於看清楚了

It’s amazing how God redeems relationships that were once twisted by the enemy. 主能把曾經被敵人扭轉的關係修復,真奇妙。


Mother and son // 母子

為慶祝母親節,WitnessHK這個星期為您帶來關於母親們的故事。In celebration of Mother’s Day, WitnessHK will be bringing you stories about mothers this week.  

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