Faith: "I Was Made To Worship" // “我為敬拜而活”

Faith: “I Was Made To Worship” // “我為敬拜而活”

Faith kicks off our video “I Was Made To ____” testimony. Faith的分享是我們第一個“我為____而活”見證。


Daegal: I Was Made To Have a Heart of Worship // 我為了擁有一顆敬拜的心而活

God transformed Daegel’s hardened heart into one that desired to worship purely. Daegal分享神如何將他固執的心轉化為一顆單單渴望敬拜的心。

teach worship

Those Who Teach Me How To Worship [Reblogged from Johanna’s blog]

  “God’s presence is always so tangible in the most impossible situations, and He chooses to dwell intimately with the humble and lowly ones. “ Worship leader Johanna reflects upon what she has learnt about worship from traveling around the world.…

been there

Been There All Along // 一直伴著我

And then suddenly, in the midst of my feelings of shame as I reflected on my past, I felt the Voice of comfort and forgiveness flood into my heart… 突然間,在這羞愧的感覺之中,我感受到祂安慰和寬恕的聲音灌注了我的心、也感受到一把溫柔


That Time I Persevered Despite Having Lost My Voice! // 還記得失聲重病仍要撐下去 !

即使你有七頭六臂、強壯如牛、不敗如獅子,也不能幸免!No matter how capable, how strong or how invincible you are, there is no way you could make use of all that!


Expectations// 期望

在教會裡,有兩件我不明白的事情常常發生… There are two things that happen quite often at church that I don’t quite understand…


I love worshiping // 我愛敬拜

Christine shares how amazing it is to be able to worship anytime! Christine 分享我們能隨時敬拜的奇妙恩典!


A Different Kind of Hip-Hop // 不一樣的Hip-Hop

而Jaeson最新近的單曲Glory,亦同樣是美妙旋律加上發人心省的歌詞之混合體。 There is also a mix of wonderful melodies and inspirational lyrics in Jaeson’s newest single “Glory”. 


Hosanna!! // 和撒那!!

Salvation! Salvation is here! Jesus is our salvation and he has come! 得救了!得救了!耶穌是為拯救我們而來!


On Stage I Seek You // 在台上我覓祢想

一直以來,就算已表演了好幾年,我對於任何一場演出都抱著興奮緊張又帶輕鬆的態度… Although I’ve been performing for a few years, for every performance I’ve felt nervous yet relaxed.

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