Worth the Wait // 值得等待

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One of my favourite speakers once said, “God takes a long time to do something suddenly”… 其中一個我最喜歡的講道員曾經說過:“主用很長的時間很突然地去做一些事情。

As the daughter of a great leader and powerful evangelist, Christine Ma had big shoes to fill. We follow her inspiring story of a 10-year-wait for His right timing’.

One of my favourite speakers once said,

“God takes a long time to do something suddenly”.

Boy, do I agree with him!

As many of you know, I’ve been a Christian for over 10 years now and in all this time, I always believed that God had a plan for everything my life – my calling, my job, my church and most of all, my future husband. I believed that God had someone created as my other half and that He would show me at the right time. So I waited, and waited, and waited. In those 10 years, I learnt to guard my heart and ‘save myself’ for the One He prepared for me. I gave God my heart, soul, mind and strength and by His grace, I never dated and found my love and satisfaction in Him. After preparing me for the last 10 years, God did something suddenly 2 months ago.

This February, God opened my heart and allowed me to give it to a man – for the first time in my life. We had gotten to know each other as friends for some time but it wasn’t anything more until then. And things have happened so quickly that 5 days of being in a relationship felt like 5 years.

In all my years of waiting, I always drew up a mental picture of what my future husband would be like. But I can now truly say that God does ‘immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine’. The man that I now love is so much more and we truly complement each other. He is compassionate, patient, thoughtful, God-fearing, intellectual, sincere, organised (even moreso than me!) and we can talk for hours on end about everything and anything. He is a man who can lead me, protect me, provide for me and take care of me in ways I never imagined. I know that I am cherished, valued and respected by him. But more than anything, I respect him and I see Jesus in him. We both have God-given dreams that we want to support each other in and I look forward to all that God has in store for us!

So, for all of you who have stood by me in this waiting process – thank you. Thank you for believing with me that God is faithful and His plans are the best. Thank you for praying for me, for him (even though we didn’t know who he was!) and for this relationship, long before it was realised. We look back and know that God planned it all and it came together in His perfect timing. So, with heartfelt gratitude, I say ‘thank you’. And for those of you who are still waiting for ‘the One’, I hope this sharing encourages you and gives you faith for your walk.

After all this waiting, I can truly say to this man now “Kevin, you were worth the wait”.

Having gotten approval and blessing from both sides of the family and being officially engaged on April 2nd, we are to be married at the end of this year. Please pray that our lives together would be a testimony of God’s goodness and grace!

I hope you will meet Kevin soon and I am sure you will love him, because I sure do!

Blessings on you and your loved ones!

P.S. For those interested in how we met, you can read the summary below. More than anything, I see this as a testimony of God’s faithfulness and how He indeed has everything planned.

How It Started…

Just before JEMS opened in 2009, a friend of mine from church brought a couple of her friends along to visit JEMS. I was surprised to find that one of them was a doctor. I later found out that this doctor, Kevin, had a huge interest in education and loved children. He came to teach a class on ‘X-rays’ to the kids a couple months after and I didn’t hear from him again so I thought that was that.

The Re-Appearance

Then about half a year ago, he turned up at the JEMS Fundraiser and having not seen him in over half a year, I was surprised to see him. We then started getting to know each other. We would text on the phone, exchange books and have sporadic coffees and meals (few and far between though!). We found ourselves talking about everything and anything. I was drawn to his values and admired how he loved and showed compassion to those around him. I loved how we could have analytical, philosophical talks about life and purpose. But I didn’t think he was anything more than a friend, especially since he wasn’t a Christian.

His Turning Point

All the while, he was searching for God and became a Christian on Christmas Eve of 2010. His faith was genuine and his commitment to the Lord was real. His excitement for the things of God reminded me of the beauty of being like a child in the presence of our Daddy. After becoming a believer, he asked me out in January but I turned him down feeling it wasn’t right. But we continued to stay friends and, unbeknownst to me, I was slowly growing in admiration for and growing attached to this man. But I still guarded my heart.

Oh So Suddenly!

One day in Febraury, after having long conversations with people about Kevin, the Holy Spirit worked in my heart and I felt like He opened my heart and allowed me to love this man. God spoke to me one day and said “You’ve given me your heart all these years and now I am releasing it to this man that I have prepared for you”. And from then, life has been a whirlwind. As I opened my heart to love him and receive his love, I have started on my second greatest love journey of all (the first being Jesus). And the journey continues…

作為一位卓越領袖和權威福音傳播員的女兒,外界對 Christine Ma的期望很高。她為祂的完美時間安排等待了十年,現在讓我們來看看她那鼓舞人心的故事。

你們應該都知道,我已經成為基督徒超過十年了,而在這些年裡,我一 直相信主為我生命裡的一切早有準備-我的感召、我的工作、我的教會和最重要的是-我未來的丈夫。我相信主已經創造了某個人作為我的另一半,而且祂會在合適 的時候讓我認識這個人。所以,我等待,等待,再等待。在這十年裡,我學會了守護我的心和“保存自己”留給祂為我準備的唯一。我把我的心、靈、頭腦和力量交 托給主。藉著祂的恩典,我從來沒有交往過,我卻在祂那裡找到愛和滿足感。為我預備了十年後,主突然在兩個月前造工了。


你們應該都知道,我已經成為基督徒超過十年了,而在這些年裡,我一 直相信主為我生命裡的一切早有準備-我的感召、我的工作、我的教會和最重要的是-我未來的丈夫。我相信主已經創造了某個人作為我的另一半,而且祂會在合適 的時候讓我認識這個人。所以,我等待,等待,再等待。在這十年裡,我學會了守護我的心和“保存自己”留給祂為我準備的唯一。我把我的心、靈、頭腦和力量交 托給主。藉著祂的恩典,我從來沒有交往過,我卻在祂那裡找到愛和滿足感。為我預備了十年後,主突然在兩個月前造工了。

今年二月,主打開我的心扉並容許我把它交給一位男士-這是我生平的第一次。 我們以朋友的身份互相認識了一段時間,但是我們當時就只是朋友的關係。然後,事情發生的速度快得讓五天的交往感覺像五年的交往。

在我多年的等待歲月裡,我經常會在腦海裡畫出我未來丈夫的模樣。但 是,我現在真的能說,主能“成就一切超過我們所想所求的”。我現在愛的這個男人比我所想所求的更好,而且我們真的互相補足。他富有憐憫心、有耐性、細心、 敬畏上主、有智慧、真誠和有組織(甚至比我更有組織!)。我們可以聊所有事和任何事,而一聊就能聊上好幾個小時。他是一個能用我從來沒有想像過的方法帶領 我、保護我、供養我和照顧我的男人。我知道我被他珍惜、重視和尊重。最重要的是,我尊重他,而且我在他身上看到耶和華。我們兩個都有主給我們的夢想,我們 想互相支持彼此的夢想。我期待主為我們未來所鋪排和準備的一切!

所以,我想向所有在我的等待過程中支持我的人說聲-謝謝。謝謝你們 與我一起相信主是忠實的,還有祂的所有安排都是最好的。謝謝你們在這段感情還沒有實現之前已經為我、為他(就算我們根本不知道他是誰!)和為這段感情祈 禱。我們回頭看便知道主早已安排一切,而所有事情在祂的完美時間配合下一一發生。所以,打從心底裡感恩的我要說聲“謝謝”。還在等待“唯一”的你們,我希 望這次的分享能鼓勵你們以及給與你們信念繼續等待下去。漫長的等待過後,我現在可以真心地告訴這位男士:“Kelvin,你是值得我等待的。”。









然後大概半年後,他在JEMS的籌款會上出現。因為我已經超過半年沒見過他,我很驚喜再遇上他。 我們重新開始認識大家。我們會互相發短訊、交換書本和相約喝咖啡和吃飯(但是次數很少很疏落!)。我們發現我們能談論所有事和任何事。我被他的價值觀吸引 並敬佩他對身邊的人的愛及憐憫。我喜愛我們能分析性和哲學性地討論人生和宗旨。但是,我只覺得他是個普通朋友,特別因為他不是基督徒。


原來在這段時間裡,他一直在尋找主,並在2010年的平安夜成為了 基督徒。他的信仰和他對主的承諾都是真誠的。他對主的事宜的興奮讓我想起一個小孩在我們的阿爸父面前的美麗。成為信徒以後,他問我要不要當他的女朋友,但 是我拒絕了他,因為我覺得不是適當的時機。不過,我們繼續保持朋友的關係,而我有所不知的是,我已經慢慢地越來越欣賞他,我也開始越來越依戀他。但是,我 還是守護著我的心。


二月裡的一天,跟無數的朋友詳細地聊過關於Kevin的事情以後,聖靈 在我的心裡造工了,我感覺到祂打開了我的心並允許我去愛這個男人。有一天,主跟我說話了,祂說:“這些年來,你把你的心交托給我。我現在把你的心釋放給這 個我為你預備的男人”。從那一刻起,生命變了像龍捲風一樣。當我打開我的心扉去愛他和接受他的愛時,我的第二最愛之旅啓程了(第一當然是耶和華)。這個旅 程待續⋯⋯



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